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Dripped Birria is a Mexican food truck in Houston, TX that specializes in quesabirria tacos. Our tacos, ramen, quesadillas, and more are made with juicy, succulent, and 100% Halal meat that’s slow-cooked to perfection.

We take pride in serving up some of the best Mexican food in town!

Dripped Birria Story and History

Birria tacos have become a popular food choice over the years. What exactly is a Birria? It is a Mexican dish made from slow-cooked goat or lamb meat. It’s often served as a taco or burrito filling, and is known for its rich, spicy flavor.

While striving to live up to its hype, we also want to offer something new to our customers. We are continuously experimenting with our menu, so you don’t only satisfy your Mexican food cravings but also gain new unforgettable experiences.

We want to serve hungry customers all over town, so we’re open until the wee hours of the morning. We want our quesabirria tacos to be your ultimate comfort and staple food!

Our Team

We have a team of 75 people dedicated to serving you the best Mexican cuisine, while making sure that you have the best experience possible at any of our food trucks.

At Dripped Birria,

we are dedicated to create and offer Mexican food made of fresh ingredients at a fraction of the price. Order your favorites now!

Delicious food you can buy at a food truck.

Our Locations

Our food trucks are located in Houston, TX, and we serve up delicious quesabirria tacos and other delicious Mexican food to hungry customers all over the city.

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